History of the Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

A Minneapolis criminal defense attorney is part of a long history of criminal defense in this Country. The case of Gideon v. Wainwright established the right to be represented by an attorney in a criminal case even if the defendant could not afford a criminal defense attorney. As a parallel, Miranda v. Arizona established the right to be represented by an attorney during custodial interrogation; from this case came the Miranda rights. Both of these rights were adopted by Minnesota and give Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys a more prominently defined role.

Downtown Minneapolis is the home of the main Hennepin County courthouse. This is the hub of Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys. The satellite courthouses are in Edina (Southdale), Minnetonka (Ridgedale), and Brooklyn Park (Brookdale). In Minneapolis, the criminal defense attorneys are spread out among dozens of courtrooms, while in the suburban courthouses, the criminal defense attorneys only coordinate between two or three courtrooms. Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys who also practice federal law find themselves in the United States District Court just a couple blocks from the downtown Minneapolis courthouse, in St. Paul, or in Duluth. Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys also practice in other counties, nearby counties being Ramsey and Dakota.

Court Jurisdiction and the Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys need not practice only in Minneapolis. As discussed above, Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys may practice anywhere in Minnesota. A criminal case is charged in a specific county rather than city. The specific county a criminal case is charged in depends on where the crime occurred. Larger counties with multiple courthouses, such as Hennepin and Ramsey, have a further question of which city the offense occurred in to determine at which specific courthouse within the county the crime will be handled. Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys know how to handle cases charged in other counties in Minnesota.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Support

Just as Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys are rooted in their history, they branch into multiple organizations that support and encourage them. Organizations such as the Minnesota and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL, MACDL) and the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) Criminal Law Section provide information and camaraderie for the criminal defense attorneys. Unlike prosecutors who are part of offices with other fellow prosecutors down the hall, most criminal defense lawyers are solo practitioners or work with one or two other criminal defense attorneys. The many Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys who populate the organizations support and encourage one another, keeping everyone up-to-date with changes and news in the criminal defense law world.

Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys are distinguishable by many factors, such as being named a Rising Star or Superlawyer. Another way is by reputation. A good criminal defense attorney is on good terms with judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and clients. Finally, being a Criminal Law Specialist is a rare and coveted title. A criminal defense attorney with this achievement has had no ethical complaints lodged against him or her, has tried many cases, submit writing samples, be recommended, and pass an exam. If a criminal defense has this certification, you know you are in good hands.

Most criminal defense attorneys participate in legal education courses. These criminal defense attorneys who speak at or lead or moderate for these legal education courses are usually asked to do so. They are known in the field for being knowledgeable about the topics to instruct other defense attorneys. It is always an honor to be asked to speak at such events. Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Ryan Garry has been asked to speak at numerous classes and has organized and led classes, as well.

About Ryan

Ryan Garry is a Criminal Law Specialist, certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and has developed a reputation as an accomplished trial attorney. There are very few attorneys in Minnesota who have achieved this certification. Ryan is a board member of the Minnesota Society of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the co-editor the Challenger Magazine. He is also a board member of the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) and a frequent speaker at Minnesota Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars. Ryan has been named a Rising Star “Superlawyer” in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.