October 16

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

Criminal defense attorneys represent individuals and even businesses when those clients are faced with criminal charges brought by the state and federal government. Books could be written on what criminal defense attorneys do, but the bottom line is that they are defenders of their clients, and defenders of the United States Constitution. Criminal defense lawyers…
December 14

Can I Avoid Going to Court Appearances?

If you have an attorney, there are some circumstances where you can avoid going to court (and your attorney appears on your behalf). In almost all misdemeanors, you can avoid going to the first appearance if you sign a waiver for your lawyer. Most first appearances in misdemeanor cases result in simply getting a new…
December 14

How Long Can I Be Held in Jail?

If someone is arrested without a warrant, they must be charged or released after a certain period of time. The general rule is that the person must be brought before a judge 36 hours after being arrested. Minn. R. Crim. P. 4.02, subdiv. 5(1). The 36 hours begins on midnight following the arrest and pauses…
March 1

Technology in Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Trials

Criminal defense lawyers are constantly trying to find ways to keep a jury’s attention during trials. In our technologically-saturated world, criminal defense lawyers are not utilizing technology to its fullest extent. Our firm is using a program called TrialDirector during our jury trials. We, criminal defense lawyers, have used it in a Hennepin County Domestic…
February 13

“Possession” of Drugs Does not Mean Drugs in Your System

A driver can be charged with a DWI involving drugs. Minn. Stat. § 169A.20, subdiv. 1 states: Driving while impaired crime; motor vehicle. It is a crime for any person to drive, operate, or be in physical control of any motor vehicle, as defined in section 169A.03, subdivision 15, except for motorboats in operation and…
February 13

McNeely / Brooks Update

Two cases have recently rocked the criminal law world. See here for information about McNeely and Brooks. For an example of these cases, see State v. JMM. The result of Brooks is that the Implied Consent Advisory, which states “refusal to take the test is a crime,” does not in and of itself invalidate consent….
February 13

War on Drugs: Is It Worth It?

Our office has handled many drug cases. We’ve handled everything from simple possession of marijuana (sometimes a petty misdemeanor, sometimes a felony) to huge drug conspiracies. See some of our drug cases: State v. BVD, State v. MR, State v. TJ, State v. AM, State v. JHS, State v. G, State v. O, State v….
November 26

Connection of Criminal Defense to . . . Part III: Personal Injury Law

Like other areas of law, criminal defense sometimes overlaps with other fields, such as personal injury. Many criminal charges may result in the alleged victim commencing a personal injury case against you. This is especially true when your alleged actions land the supposed victim in the hospital, where the bills may be quite expensive. Unlike…
November 21

Connection of Criminal Defense to . . . Part II: Immigration Law

Like other areas of law, criminal defense sometimes overlaps with other fields, such as immigration law. Immigration law is a particularly difficult area of law because of its enormity and the consequences can be life-shattering. Certain convictions can result in deportation. If you have immigration issues, you must tell your criminal defense attorney. You also…
November 20

Connection of Criminal Defense to . . . Part I: Family / Juvenile Law

Like other areas of law, criminal defense sometimes overlaps with other fields, such as family and juvenile law. Charges like domestic assault and child abuse are the most common types of offenses that implicate a family or juvenile law case. Prostitution or sex offenses may also force a family law case if your spouse decides…