NOT GUILTY at Felony Jury Trial: Felony Illegal Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition (March 2024)

Ryan’s client was prohibited from possessing a firearm and ammunition.  The case started when enforcement obtained a search warrant and executed the search warrant while Ryan’s […]

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The Charges: Illegal Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition

The Outcome: Not Guilty

Ryan Convinces MN Medical Board to Dismiss Case against his Client (2024)

Ryan represented a heart surgeon who was facing an issue before the Minnesota Medical Board.  After a lengthy hearing, the board decided to dismiss the case […]

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The Charges: Medical Malpractice

The Outcome: Case Dismissed

Client who attempted to bribe police officer gets Stay of Adjudication (2023)

State v. N.R.S. (2003)  Ryan’s client attempted to bribe a police officer to get out of the crime he got committed.  He was arrested and charged […]

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The Charges: Attempt to Bribe Police

The Outcome: Stay of Adjudication

First Degree Controlled Substance Charges Dismissed (State Court)(2023)

Client was alleged in possession of a large number of narcotics.  The entire complaint was dismissed.

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The Charges: Drug Crime

The Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Minor Consumption Charges Dismissed (2023)

Ryan was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss minor consumption charges again his client who was in high school and applying for colleges.

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The Charges: Minor Consumption

The Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Theft Charges Received Stay of Adjudication (2023)

Ryan was able to convince the prosecutor to keep Theft charges off of his clients’ record.  A convince would have resulted in his termination of employment.

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The Charges: Theft

The Outcome: Stay of Adjudication

Domestic Assault Charges Received Continuance for Dismissal (2023)

Ryan was able to convince the prosecutor to Continue for Dismissal his client’s domestic assault charges, which means that after a short period of time the […]

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The Charges: Domestic Assault

The Outcome: Continuance for Dismissal

Executive Who Brought Handgun to Airport Keeps Record Clean (2023)

Ryan convinced the prosecutor to enter into a deal which kept his client’s record completely clean and he avoided a convince on his record, which was […]

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The Charges: Firearm Possession at Airport

The Outcome: Prosecutor entered into a deal

Felony Theft Charges Dismissed (2023)

Client was charged with 4 criminal counts ranging from Felony Medicaid Fraud to Perjury.  Ryan was able to get the charges dismissed prior to trial.

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The Charges: Felony Theft

The Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Prosecutor Declines charges for Doctor who was Investigated for 2 Separate Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges (2023)

Ryan represented a doctor accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Rape) by two separate women.  Ryan completed an extensive investigation and convinced the […]

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The Charges: Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Outcome: Charges Declined