Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges in the First Degree Dismissed Before Trial (2022)

Mr. Garry and the team filed numerous pretrial motions seeking a dismissal the multiple criminal charges for various reasons. Shortly before the contested omnibus hearing, the […]

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The Charges: Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Outcome: Dismissed Before Trial

Felony Theft Charges Dismissed (2022)

Our client was charged with two felony theft offenses from 2000.  He had a warrant out since then.  When he contacted our office, we filed a […]

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The Charges: 2 Felony Theft Offenses

The Outcome: Case Dismissed

Dismissal of Felony Second Degree Assault Charges (2022)

Client had a warrant for his arrest for not showing up for Court on his Felony Second Degree Assault (Weapon) charges.  Ryan was able to convince […]

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The Charges: Felony Second Degree Assault

The Outcome: Complete Dismissal

Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges Declined (2022)

Our client was being investigated for First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct charges.  If charged, that crime carries a presumptive 144 months (12 years) in prison.  We conducted […]

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The Charges: First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

The Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Client Who Tried to Burn School During Black Lives Matter Protests gets Probation (2022)

After a lengthy federal sentencing hearing, our client, who joined the BLM protests after the murder of George Floyd, was granted probation rather than the presumptive […]

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The Charges: Federal Arson

The Outcome: Probation (No Prison)

Federal Judge Grants Our Motion to Depart from the 5 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence (2022)

In the wake of the tragedy of the murder of George Floyd, our client was arrested and charged with a serious felony-level offense that required, if […]

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The Charges: Property Damage from Riot

The Outcome: Downward Dispositional Departure

Despite Felony Conviction, Client Firearm Rights Restored (2021)

Our client had previously been charged and convicted of Felony Fifth Degree Drug Possession (marijuana).  Under Minnesota law, this conviction resulted in a lifetime ban of […]

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The Charges: Felony Fifth Degree Drug Possession

The Outcome: Restoration of his firearm rights

Client Avoids a Felony Conviction and Later is Granted an Expungement (2021)

Our client had previously been charged with Felony Possession of Child Pornography.  He pled guilty and received a stay of adjudication of sentence, which means that […]

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The Charges: Felony Possession of Child Pornography

The Outcome: Expungement Granted

Judge Grants Ryan’s Motion for a Downward Dispositional Departure (2021)

Given his criminal history, Ryan’s client was facing a long-executed prison sentence on 3 separate criminal files.  The case was litigated for approximately two years, when […]

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The Charges: 3 Separate Criminal Files

The Outcome: Downward Dispositional Departure

Illegal Entry Into Home: Implied Consent Revocation Rescinded (2021)

Ryan litigated an implied consent hearing arguing that the arresting officer’s actions of entering his client’s closing garage door and then kicking open the door to […]

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The Charges: Implied Consent Revocation

The Outcome: Client's Driver License Revocation Rescinded