How Do You Choose Which Criminal Defense Lawyer To Hire?

The answer to that question should consider a number of factors, including the lawyer’s reputation, experience, history of success, and ability to work hard and be prepared for your defense. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Most of Ryan Garry’s cases are referred by former clients, other criminal defense lawyers in Minneapolis and civil attorneys, and even prosecutors who they have battled against in trial. There is a reason their opponents refer their friends and family to Ryan Garry when they get in a jam … because Ryan and his team are good at what they do and they know it. Besides being a Minnesota Criminal Law Specialist, Ryan has been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2009.Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minneapolis

Attorney Elizabeth R. Duel is an integral part of the Team and its trial work. An expert in technology with the use of a sophisticated trial program called Trial Director (a program used by the United States Attorney’s Office and Federal Defender’s Office), she litigates nearly every jury trial with Ryan Garry, assisting in all aspects of the litigation. Prior to joining the firm, she externed for the then-chief judge of Hennepin County Criminal Court and interned with the United States Federal Defender’s Office. In addition, Elizabeth has been named a “Rising Star”.

Both Ryan and Elizabeth are admitted to practice in the State of Minnesota, the federal District of Minnesota, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. They have had great success in a wide variety of cases including: Drug Crimes, Criminal Sexual Conduct, White Collar Crimes, DWI, Identity Theft, Media Crimes, Murder, Assault, Manslaughter, PPP Loan Fraud and many more types of cases.

If you are charged with a crime, it is imperative you hire the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being prosecuted by the government, whether it be the United State’s Attorney’s Office or the State Government is a daunting and frightening matter, as the government’s resources are unlimited and the prosecutors are assisted by government agencies such as FBI, Secret Service and or local government law enforcement such as city police or county sheriffs. If you are accused of a crime, you will be forced to appear in court to answer to those charges. It is absolutely critical that you obtain representation from the best criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis MN.

Third Party Verification – Reputable Criminal Attorney

It is important that objective and third party agencies verify that your attorney is a top MN Criminal Lawyer. Mr. Garry is rated as a Superlawyer by an independent agency that conducts investigations of all criminal lawyers in the state of Minnesota. The Superlawyer Organization rates Mr. Garry in the top 3% of all criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota. Most importantly, the Minnesota State Bar Association has certified Mr. Garry as a “criminal trial specialist” because of his experience in trial, but also his reputation for his excellent representation for his clients. An independent organization called AVVO rates Ryan as a maximum “10” out of 10 for legal services and quality as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota.

Cases We Handle:

  1.  White Collar Crimes
  2. Criminal Sexual Conduct
  3. Violent Crimes
  4. Drug Crimes
  5. Federal Crimes
  6. Expungement
  7. Driving Crimes
  8. Investigation

Best Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our Clients Tell The Story

It is also important to know what former clients think of a criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Garry’s clients have verified that he is the best Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney in Minneapolis, and have stated many things about him, including, “you were simply marvelous … thanks for being the best criminal defense lawyer I could have ever had … your presence in the courtroom and knowledge of the law in my case was very impressive … Ryan fought aggressively to win my case … Ryan is an incredible lawyer … Ryan is the best criminal defense attorney in Minnesota … you are the “bomb of barristers” thanks for giving me a new start on life. I owe you. Click Here to See Ryan’s “case results”.

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The best criminal defense lawyers also get the best results for their clients. Ryan has recently acquitted clients in cases ranging from DWI, to a national interest First Amendment victory. Regarding Federal Practice, Ryan is currently litigating a variety of federal cases ranging from mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, witness tampering and tax evasion. Within the last year he has litigated, to verdict, jury trials ranging from Felony Strangulation, Assaulting a Police Officer, Federal Bank Robbery, and First Degree Assault and Domestic Assault.