Being arrested for drug possession or selling narcotics can be a frightening experience, and it is important that you retain the services of a Minneapolis drug lawyer. Except for small amounts of marijuana, a drug crime is most often considered a felony level offense, which means that you could be facing incarceration in a local jail or if severe, a state or federal prison. Obtaining a Minneapolis drug attorney who is specialized in this particular offense is extremely important.

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Ryan Garry is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and has successfully handled every type of drug and narcotic offense that a person can be charged with, from state allegations ranging from Fifth Degree Possession of Marijuana to federal charges ranging from possession and sale of cocaine to enormous amounts of state and international methamphetamine drug trafficking. Being a Minneapolis drug lawyer, where the majority of major drug offenses are prosecuted in Minnesota, Ryan is skilled at handling any type of drug case, whether it is prosecuted in Minneapolis, International Falls, or Windom, Minnesota.

Ryan is sensitive to individual client needs and has represented clients ranging from doctors, lawyers, and CEOs caught possessing cocaine, to organized crime members from the Hell’s Angels and national crime families accused of trafficking large amounts of narcotics internationally. Ryan’s results have included not guilty verdicts and court orders to dismiss due to police illegal search warrants and Fourth Amendment violations on drug cases. As a Minneapolis drug lawyer, Ryan is skilled in handling both State and Federal drug prosecutions.

drug case lawyer

The sale or possession of narcotics includes any illegal controlled substance from marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and prescription drugs. Included in illegal narcotics is now fake or pretend marijuana that is listed as a controlled substance under Minnesota Statute 152.026.

Drug crimes range from Controlled Substance in the Fifth Degree to Controlled Substance in the First Degree, which is the most serious type of felony State drug or narcotic case.

For a first-time offender, even with no criminal history whatsoever, based on the Minnesota Sentencing guidelines, punishments (if convicted) can range from local jail incarceration to many years in prison. It is extremely important that you retain an attorney that has significant State and Federal trial experience in litigating these types of cases. Make sure to ask a any potential lawyer about their level of State and Federal experience in handling serious narcotic offenses.

Investigating narcotics agents, ranging from the local police to the FBI and DEA, look for many different factors when determining whether to charge someone with a possession or sale crime, including possession of scales and other measuring devices, possession of plastic baggies and other containers, large amounts of cash, address books, lists of buyers, dangerous weapons, and evidence from a confidential informant (CI) or, what some might call, a snitch. Drug and narcotic cases are sometimes brought to the attention of law enforcement through confidential informants and random trash pulls where officers dig through your trash to find evidence of narcotic possession or sale.

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All drug crimes are tried in a separate Minnesota or Federal court and follow a different set of rules and procedures.

In Hennepin County, for example, there is a special court reserved for only drug cases, which focuses on treatment and rehabilitation. In some instances, sale of narcotics can also be considered a federal offense, which means severe penalties. The possession and distribution of an illegal substance is a very serious accusation that could negatively impact many areas of your life, and the case needs to be handled with the utmost caution.

Ryan and his experienced team can provide you with immediate jail release and the aggressive representation and legal assistance you need to ensure the best outcome possible. Contact us today at (612) 436-3051.