Nov 20

Connection of Criminal Defense to . . . Part I: Family / Juvenile Law

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Like other areas of law, criminal defense sometimes overlaps with other fields, such as family and juvenile law. Charges like domestic assault and child abuse are the most common types of offenses that implicate a family or juvenile law case. Prostitution or sex offenses may also force a family law case if your spouse decides to seek a divorce because of the charge. This may sound obvious, but the importance is not.

Your criminal case may have a direct effect on your family law case. A serious conviction may put you in a weakened bargaining position in a divorce case. A lesser conviction, especially one that doesn’t require you to admit guilt or put seriously damaging facts on the record, may heighten your bargaining position.

Regarding a juvenile case where your custody of your children is at issue, a conviction might irreparably damage your relationship with your kids. If the criminal case can be dismissed or mitigated, however, the juvenile case may have a much more favorable resolution.

You will need a skilled defense attorney that will work with your family lawyer to minimize the negative effects on your family law case.