There are a few places in the city of Minneapolis that are as unique as University neighborhood. It is part of the University community that is so well known. Whether your child has been accepted to the University of Minnesota, or if you have family or friends in the area, it is a destination that has quite a bit to offer. In particular, the commercial neighborhood Dinkytown is the epicenter of student life. All of those that are attending the University will frequent this area of the city. Let’s discuss this neighborhood and its origins so that you can understand why it is pertinent today.

Where Is It Located?

This neighborhood is located near the Mississippi River, making it very easy to find. Dinkytown is literally woven in and out of the University itself, forming the main locations where students can be found. It encompasses a multitude of eclectic buildings, historic shops, and affordable places that people can eat. Whether you are attending the University, or if you are just driving through, you will be astounded by all that it has to offer.

Why Is It Called Dinkytown

Part of the reason for the name is its diminutive size. Although there are restaurants that people frequent, along with bars and shops, it’s actually a very small location. It is littered with a multitude of small apartments, and there was even the Dinkytown station, which was a railway station, from which is likely received its name.

Places And Activities You Can Frequent

There are several places that you can frequent when you are there. The Varsity Theater is certainly one of them. Another is the Gray’s drugstore building, a place that people actually congregate and hang out. This is because of the coffee shops and the café that is there. It is a well-known location because of the famous Bob Dylan who once lived in this area. Finally there is the Dinkytown Greenway which is where pedestrians and bikers alike will be asked to travel through this region. Perhaps the best place to visit in this community is a location called the Murals. There is also a library, multiple restaurants and bars, all of which will offer you fun ways to spend your time in the University neighborhood.

Places That You Can Eat

One of the most well-known locations, regarded as a proverbial hole in the wall, is Al’s Breakfast. Although it is small, it is that iconic location, that has been active since the 1950s. There is also the Burrito Loco where many students will go to get lunch and if you are new to Dinkytown, the Cove is the best place to be. This combined with Annie’s Parlour in the well-known nightclub Kitty Cat Klub, you will get introduced people in the activities that Dinkytown is known for when it comes to fine dining and fun.

Visiting Minneapolis should always involve a trip to Dinkytown. In fact, University neighborhood is one of the most popular destinations. If you are going to come to this community in the near future, it should be a place that you visit immediately. It may become your primary destination as you go through the city of Minneapolis, or you may only want to go there one time. Either way, it’s a fantastic place to experience the city the next time they visit.

Huntington Bank Stadium
Head east toward Scholars Walk. Turn left toward Scholars Walk. Continue onto Scholars Walk Turn left at Walnut St SE Turn left toward SE Oak St Turn left onto SE Oak St

Williams Arena
From Huntington Bank Stadium – Head north on SE Oak St. Cross the road. Turn right Turn right Turn left

Bordertown Coffee
From Williams Arena – Head northeast toward SE 4th St. Turn left onto SE 4th St. Turn left toward 16th Ave SE. Turn left onto 16th Ave SE. Turn right

College of Liberal Arts
From Bordertown Coffee – Head south toward 16th Ave SE. Turn right toward 16th Ave SE. Turn right onto 16th Ave SE. Turn left onto University Ave SE. Turn right onto 16th Ave SE. Turn right onto Pillsbury Dr SE. Turn left. Turn right toward Pleasant St SE. Turn left toward Pleasant St SE. Turn right toward Pleasant St SE. Turn left onto Pleasant St SE

McNamara Alumni Center
From College of Liberal Arts – Head southwest on Pleasant St SE toward Arlington St. Turn left toward Scholars Walk. Turn right toward Scholars Walk. Turn left onto Scholars Walk. Continue straight to stay on Scholars Walk. Turn left at Walnut St SE. Turn left

Ryan Garry –
From MxNamara Alumni Center – Get on I-94 W from University Ave SE and SE Huron Blvd. Continue on I-94 W to S 11th St. Take exit 233A from I-94 W. Take 3rd Ave S to S 8th St


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