The Southwest neighborhood in Minneapolis is one of the best in the city because of its warm-hearted residents. From enjoying summer concerts to celebrating festivals, the residents don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with each other. The residents consider themselves lucky to find a home in this neighborhood. If you are thinking about moving to the Southwest neighborhood, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Neighborhood composition

The Southwest neighborhood consists of nine districts. Each of these districts has something new to offer to its residents. For example, the western part of the neighborhood comprises of Armatage, Linden, and Fulton that are fancier than some of the other boroughs. If you are one of those that enjoy the nightlife, then you can shift to these boroughs. Some of the other popular boroughs in this neighborhood are East Harriet, Windom, Kingfield, and Kenny.

Population of the Southwest neighborhood

According to the 2013 City Data report, the Southwest neighborhood of Minneapolis had a population of 52,953. Its population density is approximately 6503 people per square mile. One of the reasons why many people want to shift to this neighborhood is because it has a lower population density than some of the other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. People believe that it’s more peaceful to stay in this neighborhood because of the relatively low population.

The overall income of the families in the Southwest neighborhood is more than other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The average annual income in the Southwest neighborhood is close to $90,000, while the average annual income of Minneapolis is just over $50,000. There are hardly any signs of poverty, and you will hardly see homeless people roaming around in the neighborhood.

Most of the households in the Southwest neighborhood consist of families. 47% of the households comprise of married couples or families. Since the families in this neighborhood are affluent, they don’t mind paying a relatively high price to buy houses or pay rent. The average price of single-family detached homes is more than $400,000, while the approximately monthly rent is nearly $1000.

Quality of life

The Southwest neighborhood residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life compared to the other neighborhoods in Minneapolis, thanks to its high-quality educational opportunities, job availability, and excellent healthcare facilities. In addition, it consists of Minneapolis’s best school, Southwest High School.

Apart from some of the best schools, the neighborhood also has various job opportunities for different industries, thus making it an economically affluent place to live. The commute to work doesn’t take long because office-goers don’t face too much traffic. This isn’t the same with the other Minneapolis neighborhoods, where people complain about waiting in traffic for hours every day.

In addition to the happy job culture, another reason why the Southwest neighborhood stands out is because of its peacefulness. If you love to stay in a calm and quiet place, you should shift to this neighborhood as soon as possible.

Overall, the Southwest neighborhood is by far the best neighborhood in Minneapolis. Sure, you may have to pay a high price to purchase a house, but it’s worth every penny, considering the amenities you get.


Lake Harriet
Head west on W 50th St toward Knox Ave S. Turn right onto Upton Ave S. Continue onto Sheridan Ave S. Turn right onto W 42nd StTurn right onto W Lake Harriet Blvd/Lake Harriet Pkwy

Patiserrie 46
From Lake Harriet – Head southwest on W Lake Harriet Blvd/Lake Harriet Pkwy toward W 45th St. Turn right onto W 44th St. Turn right onto Pleasant AveTurn right at the 2nd cross street onto W 46th St

Lyndale Rose Garden
From Patisserie 46 – Head west on W 46th St toward Harriet Ave. Turn right onto Lyndale Ave S. Turn left onto W 42nd St. Turn right onto Dupont Ave S. Turn left onto Roseway Rd

Armatage Park
From Lyndale Rose Garden – Head northeast on Roseway Rd toward Dupont Ave S. Turn right onto Dupont Ave S. Turn right onto W 50th St. Turn left onto Penn Ave S. Turn right onto W 58th St. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Russell Ave S Turn right

The Museum of Russian Art
From Armatage PGet on MN-62 E in Richfield from Penn Ave S. Continue on MN-62 E. Take I-35W N to 2nd Ave S in Minneapolis. Take exit 12 from I-35W N. Drive to E Diamond Lake Rd –

Ryan Garry
From the Museum of Russian Art – Get on I-35W N. Take 3rd Ave S to S 8th St.


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