Aug 27

Man who posted anti-Islamic fliers won’t be fined

Man who posted anti-Islamic fliers won’t be fined

Kare 11 – 2010-08-27

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — A Waite Park man won’t have to pay fines for hanging anti-Islamic posters on utility poles in St. Cloud.

An administrative hearing officer on Friday dismissed two $100 citations against [Client]. He ruled that St. Cloud selectively prosecuted him for violating an ordinance against posting materials on utility poles.

The ruling by Russell Cherne said the city has never issued a citation in hundreds of previous violations of the ordinance, typically for lost pet or garage sale signs. The city has usually issued cease- and-desist orders instead, and [Client] will get one.

City Attorney Matt Staehling expressed disappointment but says there will be no appeals. Prosecutors declined earlier to press criminal charges.

[Client]’s lawyer, Ryan Garry, is championing the decision as a win for the First Amendment.

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